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Mobile reflexology treatments now covering Romsey, Winchester, Southampton and all the surrounding villages.

If you are looking for ways to boost your wellbeing, are suffering from anxiety related symptoms or are simply feeling out of kilter please get in touch to discuss how reflexology treatments could help you feel better.

I first fell in love with reflexology in my twenties, when I experienced for myself just how much it can help with stress and anxiety. A course of reflexology helped me to relax, improved my sleep and made me feel I could cope with a very difficult time in my life.

I am passionate about being a reflexologist. I find it both a pleasure and a privilege to help my clients achieve and maintain optimum health and improved wellbeing. I always tailor each reflexology treatment I give, so that it specifically targets areas of concern for each individual client. Of course, some clients don't have any particular concerns, for them it's a chance to let their bodies relax and recharge.

I have a special interest in offering support to clients living with stress, anxiety and depression and have completed some wonderfully informative training on Mindful Reflexology with Sally Earlam.

My clients love how reflexology makes them feel both during the treatment and after. They tell me they feel calm and grounded, others tell me they feel tingles in their body when I touch the corresponding reflexes. Some find their pain is reduced and some feel more able to cope emotionally with daily stress and challenges. Many report that they sleep better after a treatment and some clients feel energised for days after their treatment.

Mobile reflexologist in Romsey, Winchester and Southampton

I cover the geographical area of Romsey and surrounding villages and I also travel to Winchester and Southampton for mobile reflexology treatments.

As a professional therapist, I carry out a detailed consultation before your initial treatment to ensure that I have fully understood your medical history and current concerns with your health. To make things easier on the day of your treatment, most of your consultation will take place beforehand, either online or over the phone, whichever is more convenient.

Being a purely mobile reflexologist means that I am in an ideal position to offer reflexology to those who have mobility difficulties and find it hard to travel. And also to those who simply enjoy the convenience of a reflexology treatment in the comfort of their own home.

How much do mobile reflexology treatments cost?

Reflexology taster (20 minutes) - £25
For those who are not too sure about reflexology and would like to see what it feels like. (only one taster can be booked!)

Full reflexology treatment session ( approximately 50 minutes) - £50
Discounted rate for appointments at a Romsey town centre address - £43

Travel costs
A £5 travel charge will be added to the cost of any reflexology treatments more than 5 miles from my home in Romsey.
A £10 travel charge will be added to the cost of any reflexology treatments more than 10 miles from my home address.

Opening hours

I offer treatments between 9am and 4pm Monday - Friday


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